Who we are


The Provincial Industrial Consortium of Cagliari was established in 1961 under the name of CASIC. As a result of law no. 317 of 05 October 1991 it became an Economic Public Body.

In November 2008 Casic was replaced by the Provincial Industrial Consortium of Cagliari, established with regional law n. 10 of 25 July 2008.

The Provincial Industrial Consortium of Cagliari is one of the first industrial parks set up in southern Italy. Its history dates back 50 years now.

Since it was founded the Consortium has been operating as an operating and executive arm of the State and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, in trustees or concessions, for the making of public works related to the sub areas of Cagliari Industrial Park.

In 50 years of activity CACIP has gained experience and expertise that place it among the principal organisms of industrial development at both regional and national levels.

The Consortium runs Cagliari Industrial Park that stretches over an area of about 9,244 hectares (about 22,826 acres) and is divided into three conglomerate zones: Elmas, Macchiareddu and Sarroch